School Choice Information

Welcome to Poudre School District, a high-achieving district providing choice, character, and academic excellence! Poudre School District has a variety of School options to best meet the educational needs of each student.

Key Information about Poudre School District School Choice:

  • New and currently enrolled students who wish to enroll or return to their neighborhood school for the following school year do not need to submit a School Choice Application.  Please contact the neighborhood school directly to enroll the student for the following school year.
  • First consideration period applications are not considered on a first-come-first-serve basis; they are based on space availability and eligibility requirements.
  • During the first consideration period, if the number of applications exceeds the space available, applications are entered into an automated lottery based on nine priority rankings. Please review School Choice Application Priority Rankings for descriptions.
  • The School Choice application process includes a renewal option which allows a student who is currently on a school's waitlist for the 2021-2022 school year to remain on that school's waitlist for the 2022-2023 school year.  Applicants do not automatically roll over to the next year's waitlist.  Please refer to the Application Process page for more information regarding renewing a student's application.  Renewal applications must be submitted by the first consideration period deadline.
  • Second consideration period applications will be considered at the time they are received after the initial first consideration notification period has been completed.
  • If a School Choice Application is approved and accepted, the student must commit and plan to remain at the choice school or program for at least the remainder of the academic year for which the student was admitted.
  • Once a student who resides within the District is accepted at a choice school, they shall be granted admission for all grades served by the school. They do not need to reapply each year.
  • Students who reside outside of the District who are accepted at a choice school shall be granted admission for each grade served by the school in which space is available.  Continued enrollment will be confirmed on an annual basis based on available space in each grade level. Out of district students who intend to be at the same school the following school year do not need to reapply annually.
  • A student who has moved out of a neighborhood attendance area and would like to continue at that school, or who wishes to enroll in a different choice school or program for the following school year, must submit a School Choice Application.
  • Approval of choice/open enrollment in a particular school or program for one child in a family does not guarantee that choice/open enrollment to attend that same school or program of choice will be approved for any other children, except with respect to multiple birth siblings. Please view the Application Process page for more information about completing an application for multiple birth siblings.
  • Parents must register students entering Kindergarten at their neighborhood school, even if an application is pending for choice/open enrollment.
  • Round-trip transportation is the responsibility of the parents for School Choice students. Please visit the Poudre School District's Transportation website page for more information.
  • Please refer to District Policy JFBA for more information about School Choice in Poudre School District.

To learn more about completing a School Choice Application, please visit the Application Process page.

For information on the priority rankings for School Choice, please visit the School Choice Application Priority Rankings page.

For information on School Choice and Athletics, please visit the School Choice Athletic Rule page.

For information on the notification process and status options for School Choice Applications, please visit the Notification Process page.