Eyestone Elementary School

School Website
Principal: David Sobson
Grades: K - 5
Phone: 970-488-8600
Fax: 970-488-8602

4000 Wilson Avenue
80549 Wellington
United States

Built in 1973, Eyestone Elementary School is located in Wellington, 10 miles north of Fort Collins. Eyestone is named in honor of former teacher, principal, superintendent, and past mayor of Wellington, Robert E. Eyestone. Eyestone was remodeled in 1989, 1996, and 2001.

Learning Culture
Eyestone is a professional learning community where every adult shares responsibility for the learning of every child. Our staff serves as role models for our students by their involvement in continuous learning. We are proud of our "family atmosphere," within which we emphasize academic excellence in a warm, friendly, caring environment.

Academic Environment
Eyestone staff meets the needs of all learners in our classrooms through differentiation of instruction, an inclusive service delivery model for all student services, and collaboration both within and between our teams. Together, we work to create a culture of high academic expectations in a climate of care and concern for all staff and students

Instructional & Enrichment Programs
In addition to receiving a standards-based education in all core subjects, all students at Eyestone participate in music, art, PE, and technology classes. Our character education program, Cougar Pride, is woven throughout the instructional day. Students participate in ECO week, science fair, choir, Odyssey of the Mind, and our after-school running club, Cats on the Run. Other programs offered at Eyestone include full-day and half-day kindergarten, Head Start, preschool, Title I, and BASE camp.

Opportunities for Parents
Eyestone has a great working relationship with our parent partners. We have two active and hard-working groups of parents in our PTO and on our school SITE team. Parent volunteers provide essential support for classroom instruction, field trips, and annual events such as our book fairs, movie nights, Santa Shop, ice cream social, chili supper, field day, and carnival. We welcome all our parents to join in our educational partnerships.