Harris Bilingual Immersion School

School Website
Principal: Luis Camas
Grades: K - 5
Phone: 970-488-5200

501 East Elizabeth Street
80524 Fort Collins
United States

Harris was built in 1919 and named after Mame R. Harris, long-time principal. In 1993, Harris became the home of the two-way immersion program. A $5.8 million addition and remodel were completed in 2002.

Learning Culture
At Harris, the district curriculum is implemented through the two-way immersion model. The school serves both native Spanish and native English speakers. The goal of the program is for children to become bilingual and biliterate in English and Spanish while meeting or exceeding district standards in all core subject areas.

Instructional & Enrichment Programs
Students at Harris receive direct instruction in both Spanish and English on a daily basis. At Harris we promote high levels of Spanish and English language competencies, academic achievement in both languages, high self-esteem, and positive cross-cultural attitudes.

We offer an "imbedded" program for gifted learners through our foreign language program and differentiated instruction in the classroom. English as a Second Language (ESL), Title I, and special education are available based on student need. Kindergarten is full day.

Opportunities for Parents
Many parents are active in the Harris Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The PTO's purpose is to support the students of Harris Bilingual Immersion School through community building and fundraising, as well as by providing financial and volunteer assistance. Harris consistently has a high number of volunteer hours provided by the parents each school year.