Irish Elementary School

School Website
Principal: Lindsey Walton
Grades: Pre K - 5
Phone: 970-488-6900
Fax: 970-488-6902

515 Irish Drive
80521 Fort Collins
United States

Irish Elementary, named after Jean Irish, a former PSD teacher and principal, opened in 1968 and has been remodeled several times since.

Learning culture
We believe that students:

  • Learn best through opportunities for personal exploration, communication with others, explicit modeling of important concepts, and high-quality instruction.
  • Are motivated to learn when concepts are presented addressing their various learning styles.
  • Are academically successful when their native language is developed and used as a bridge to accessing their second language.
  • Effectively learn a second language when they receive quality instruction.

Academic Environment
Our curriculum and programs incorporate state and PSD standards, engage all students in learning, and encourage them to reach their highest potential. Our literacy focus emphasizes successful reading and writing strategies.

Families may choose to enroll their children in the dual language program. The program currently serves students in grades K-4 and will include K-5 by 2010-2011. Native English and Spanish speakers learn reading, writing and content in both languages. A separate application is required for the program. Please visit our Web site for more information.

Instructional & Enrichment Programs
We offer a variety of instructional and enrichment programs such as Head Start, all-day kindergarten, BASE Camp (before- and after-school care), After School Club or Club 3:05, and Spanish language instruction for English speakers. We also offer instruction for high achieving students through various enrichment activities designed to challenge and motivate advanced learners.

Opportunities for Parents
Parents are encouraged to participate in our School Council to provide input on accountability goals, fund raising, activities, field trips, and academic programs. Family participation is encouraged through several fun and informative school-wide events.