Lopez Elementary School

School Website
Principal: Traci Gile
Grades: K - 5
Phone: 970-488-8800
Fax: 970-488-8802

637 Wabash Street
80526 Fort Collins
United States

Lopez Elementary opened in 1986 and is named after William Lopez, a teacher and former member of the Fort Collins City Council.

Learning Culture
The staff at Lopez pursues continuous academic progress and special interests of all students. We differentiate and enrich instruction with cluster groups, tiered assignments, compacting curriculum, learning contracts, and more. Numerous special activities challenge our accelerated students. Our students excel on local, state and national achievement tests.

Our school-wide character education program follows Laser's Four Paws: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Citizenship. Our counseling program teaches strategies and activities reinforcing these traits, as well as recognizing, through positive leaders and role models, that staff, students, and parents are vital components to establishing our safe school environment.

Lopez is proud to be a Positive Behavior Support (PSB) school. PBS is a school-wide behavior program that recognizes and celebrates positive social and academic achievement for all students by maintaining a safe and effective school environment.

Academic Environment
Lopez teaches PSD's standards-based curriculum that specifies goals and expectations. A literacy lab assesses and instructs primary students in the remedial Reading Bridges program. For the accelerated readers and mathematicians, we offer small group opportunities.

Lopez has two computer labs, a learning lab, two tuition-based full-day kindergarten programs, and BASE Camp (a before- and after-school daycare program).

Instructional & Enrichment Programs
Special activities include Story Theatre (drama), daily Lopez TV News, Young Astronauts, Young Scholars, honor choir, spelling bee, Colorado Math League, Odyssey of the Mind, gifted & talented acceleration opportunities, Accelerated Reader, Math Superstars, Continental Math, cross-age tutoring, science fair, and art exhibits.

Opportunities for Parents
Lopez sponsors a Parent-Teacher Association (fundraising and social activities). Parents volunteering in the media center, computer labs, and classrooms log more than 7,000 hours each year.