O'Dea Core Knowledge School

School Website
Principal: Laurie Corso
Grades: K - 5
Phone: 970-488-4450
Fax: 970-488-4452

312 Princeton Road
80525 Fort Collins
United States

O'Dea is named in honor of PSD teacher and principal Margaret O'Dea. The school opened in 1963 and was recently remodeled in 2005.

Learning Culture
At O'Dea Core Knowledge we strive for academic excellence for all children while simultaneously focusing on the development of the whole child. We work to ensure a healthy balance between academic content, character development and an emphasis on developing 21st century learners that can think and learn collaboratively, beyond the textbook. Our school hosts a sense of family and community that is unmatched. People often comment about how comfortable and welcome they feel when they walk through our hallways and this is not an accident. At O'Dea Core Knowledge, we host a culture that is positive by intent as we believe that a positive and professional school spirit is contagious to all. We welcome you to come and visit our school, walk our hallways, meet our teachers to learn more about what we offer children and families in Fort Collins

Academic Environment
O'Dea Core Knowledge follows the Core Knowledge sequence as developed by E.D. Hirsch in 1986 (with the evolution of the Core Knowledge Foundation). We use the Core Knowledge sequence coupled with the Colorado Common Core Standards and 21st century learning skills to ensure that our students receive a well-rounded and in depth education. Our learning targets are clear and we strive to ensure that our students know what their goal is for each lesson and know what mastery of that skill looks like. Our students experience a 4 day/35 minute Enrichment Block that provides students the opportunity to advance beyond the traditional grade level curriculum or receive extra support for an area of need. This enrichment block provides teachers an opportunity to truly meet the individual needs of each child in their classrooms.

Instructional & Enrichment Programs
At O'Dea Core Knowledge we strive to strike a healthy balance between academics and student wellness. We provide multiple opportunities for students to challenge themselves to live healthy lives through our running club, Children's Triathlon and active academics. We are a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) school that emphasizes positive choices and exemplary role models. Students at O'Dea Core Knowledge also benefit from a well-rounded choice of after school activities and clubs. We host opportunities that range from The Blue Shed engineering club that creates small engines and trebuchets to our art club where they create clay sink monsters and masks. We also host before school and after school programming through our B.A.S.E. Camp (privately run).

Opportunities for Parents
Parents are involved in tutoring, assisting classroom teachers, chaperoning field trips and classroom parties, and serving on school committees such as PTA and the School Accountability Committee. O'Dea's state and nationally affiliated PTA coordinates fundraising, social events, and brings in a variety of speakers to help parents keep abreast of the academic opportunities offered at O'Dea.