Stove Prairie Elementary School

School Website
Principal: Tom Schachet
Grades: Pre K - 5
Phone: 970-488-6575
Fax: 970-488-6577

3891 Stove Prairie Road
80512 Bellvue
United States

Stove Prairie School opened its doors in 1896 and is the oldest operating "one-room" school in Colorado. The significantly expanded school, 20 miles west of Fort Collins on historic Stove Prairie Road, features occasional herds of elk in the surrounding meadows.

Learning Culture
Stove Prairie offers the intimate atmosphere of a traditional, old-time schoolhouse, complete with combined grades which are taught in three separate classrooms: K-1, 2-3, 4-5, balanced by the support of an established school district.

Here, each staff member knows every student. Our multi-age classrooms support differentiated instruction while delivering PSD's outstanding standards-based curriculum.

Preschool is available on site for children ages 3-4 up to three days per week.

Academic Environment
We believe effective communication between school, home, and community is vital and that partnerships with parents are essential. We offer a challenging math program and learning opportunities focusing on literacy instruction, including a rigorous reading series with a literature-based component and integration of reading and writing. Classroom laptops and a beautiful media center complement all instructional areas. Art, music, physical education, and counseling are taught weekly.

Opportunities for Parents
Parents are an integral part of our success. Our highly supportive PTO meets monthly and hosts the annual Winter Festival, a 30-year tradition. PTO-generated funds provide students with field trips, library books, classroom instructional needs, and playground equipment. Parents volunteer in classrooms, sponsor book fairs, and enriching activities.