Fossil Ridge High School

School Website
Principal: Julie Chaplain
Grades: 9 - 12
Phone: 970-488-6260
Fax: 970-488-6263

5400 Ziegler Road
80528 Fort Collins
United States

Fossil Ridge High School is named for the low ridge in front of the foothills to the west and southwest of Fort Collins and attests to the rich collection of fossils found in the Fossil Creek area. The name reminds us of our rich geological history and present stewardship of natural resources.

The school was designed using PSD's nationally recognized, environmentally friendly, sustainable design guidelines.

Learning Culture
The 290,000 square foot high school was designed utilizing the "school-within-a-school" concept, which divides the building into three smaller teaching "houses."

Each student is enrolled in an advisory program which includes academics, post-secondary planning, civic engagement, and service training.

Academic Environment
Fossil Ridge High School is the newest of four comprehensive high schools in the Fort Collins community. Classes are available to meet a full range of student needs including those with special interests, those seeking advanced-level opportunities, and those with special needs.

Fossil Ridge offers extensive fine arts and music programs, as well as outstanding science and math opportunities.

The latest technology is available to students through six general computer labs, with one mobile lab in each of the three wings. A fully equipped television studio is available, with the ability to broadcast cable TV and closed-circuit programming throughout the building or district wide.

Instructional & Enrichment Programs
Fossil Ridge offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which are widely recognized by American colleges and universities as the highest level of high school academic achievement.

The backbone of the gifted education program, AP classes offer excellent opportunities for students seeking the rewards of a rigorous, specialized academic curriculum and the possibility of dual high school and college credit.AP credit is granted and accepted by more than 2,800 colleges and universities. Some colleges and universities grant sophomore standing to students based on AP examination performance.

Extracurricular Activities
An extensive activities program is cultivated and available to all students at Fossil Ridge. Examples include a full slate of boys' and girls' Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) sports and a wide variety of clubs and activities including:

  • Yearbook staff
  • School newspaper staff
  • Science and math competitions
  • Student council
  • Curricular and co-curricular clubs/organizations
  • Vocal and instrumental music groups

Opportunities for Parents
A strong base of parent support is important to Fossil Ridge. Active parents are encouraged to volunteer in a variety of ways, including assisting with classroom and other activities and participating in the Parent Advisory Council, the PSD District Advisory Board, and the School Improvement Team (SIT).