Thank you for visiting the Poudre School District School Choice Application System!

The 2022-2023 School Choice Application is now closed and we are not able to accept any more applications. 

The School Choice Application for the 2023-24 school year will be available in late fall 2022. 

The current online system used for the School Choice Application, Smart Choice, is sunsetting at midnight on August 15, and will not be accessible after this date.  After August 15, please contact the school directly regarding the status of a school choice application.

  • All applications must be submitted online. Paper applications not available.
  • The application process works best in Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browsers.

School Choice Overview:

Whether choosing a neighborhood school outside a boundary area or a specialized school, Poudre School District's School Choice program allows families to select the school that best meets their child's educational needs, based on space availability and eligibility requirements.

The information on this website is designed to assist you with learning about Poudre School District's School Choice program, researching the options available at each school, and completing the online School Choice Application.

Click here for a video tutorial (Available in English & Spanish)

Click here for a parent manual

The tabs above contain links to the following information for your reference:

  • School Choice Home: General information about School Choice in Poudre School District.
  • Schools: If you are new to our community or a long-time resident, live in surrounding areas, or your child is just beginning the educational journey, you may explore school options available in Poudre School District by selecting the Schools tab.
  • School Choice Application Information: This page provides information about what you will need to complete an application, key information about School Choice and the process, descriptions of the nine priority rankings for applications, and the notification process after the application has been submitted.
  • Contact Us: Please refer to this page for information about how to contact Poudre School District if you have questions about the School Choice process or policy, or questions about Schools in Poudre School District.
  • Apply Now: When you are ready to complete a School Choice Application, this page is where you will either create an account and complete an application or access a previously created account.

Application/Consideration Periods:

Poudre School District's School Choice program has two application/consideration periods:

1. First Consideration Period (now closed) - opens at the beginning of the school year prior to the school year in which a student wishes to attend a choice school or program. The deadline for first consideration period for the 2022-2023 school year:

Elementary and Secondary schools: Friday, January 21, 2022 by 12:00pm Noon Mountain Time.
The order in which applications are received during the first consideration period does not affect a student's chances of acceptance. Please select the School Choice Application Information tab for more information on the School Choice process.

2. Second Consideration Period (opening 8:00am Feb. 23) - applications may be submitted after the first consideration deadline has passed until the first day of class at the beginning of the school year of requested enrollment.  

The order in which applications are received during the second consideration period are based on priority ranking and date and time on when the application was submitted. 

Renewal Applications (now closed): 

The School Choice Application process includes a renewal option which allows a student to remain on a school's waitlist for the following year. Applicants do not automatically roll over to the next year's waitlist. If you have a student on a school's waitlist for the 2021-2022 school year, please access your account on the Apply Now tab and refer to your Dashboard for information regarding the renewal process for the 2022-2023 school year.  Renewal applications must be submitted by the first consideration period deadline.

Please visit the Poudre School District website (School Choice Information | Poudre School District ) or review the District's Policy JFBA for more information about School Choice.